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Robert Niven
Who is using Elead1 for CRM and or Loyalty App? Pros/cons? Looks like a great system. How does it work day to day?
Chad Sabatka
We have been using them for close to 2 years now, with Dealer Socket prior (horrible product and relationship). Like all CRM systems, what you get out of it is a matter of what you put into it and how well you learn it. From a usability standpoint, I feel it's one of the better products out there on all aspects. There are a few things I wish would have been developed differently, but as an overall CRM suite, it does really well. What really sets them ahead for me was the relationship that our sales person developed with me, then it transformed into a good relationship with their development team, other sales, and their owners/partners. I wouldn't do the Loyalty App. We did it in one store and it wasn't too successful. Granted we probably failed on selling it's importance to customers, but it really wasn't received well among our customers.
Robert Niven
Thank you Chad for the comment. Every bit of information from actual users helps!
Shannon Hammons
We are currently talking to them about switching over as well. Thanks Chad for your answer.
Robert Niven
Is there anyone in the New England area that uses ELead1 that is willing to let me come by to see it in action for myself. I know the rep shows the system in action, but it's always better to see it for yourself at a non-biased store.
Jason Stum
We've had Elead1 as our CRM for 6+ years now. One of the best true partnerships we've ever had with a vendor. Support is great, and our relationship with our rep is more than solid. We tend to request features or reports that don't exist, and they've always willing to continually develop their software to meet our needs. From a functionality standpoint, I'll echo @Chad's sentiment that it's not which CRM you have, it's how you use it. @Robert. we've never used the Loyalty App, but have pretty much used everything else. If there's anything specific you want more info on, let me know

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