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Denim Simkins
yesterday I spoke with an experienced fixed ops professional and he informed me his Email capture rate was over 85% in service. WOW!! That is one of the highest I have heard in some time. My experience has been that customers were very leery to hand out their email. This guy has done a good job of explaining to the customer the benefits and breaking down the fear of spam and selling the list... Who else has had this kind of success?
Tony Wood
Our capture rate is abnormally low. I small portion of that can be attributed to being in more of a rural area with many low end providers that are expensive. However, I honestly believe the larger problem is that we don't have people effectively communicating the usefulness of having that information on file. Our capture rate is closer to about 40%. We're hoping to see a pretty large uptick in that percentage with a little more training.
Denim Simkins
one of the things that they did to get it this high was leverage the email capture with a rewards program so there was a "reason" to collect the email
Steve Tuschen
We are around 70%, a big push comes from sales capturing it at time of car sale. Giveaways work where winner is notified by email, then mine the data to update your database. You can have it a required field so they have to enter in, then run reports to see if you have problem advisors not asking and then educate the advisor to increase rate.
Mark Miller
I always had a high capture rate, I used it as an easy way to communicate the status of the customers vehicle. Many of my customers could more easily open an email than answer a phone most of their day.
Denim Simkins
yeah @mark a majority of the others are just not there or using it as an effective tool for communication while the car is in for service.

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