Embracing vehicle logistics...

Joanna Stacey
Do dealers see vehicle delivery, and the journey from factory to dealer, as an important focus in which they could personally improve? And if so, is there room for improvement on the way the two destinations communicate and collaborate and what would that look like? What are your thoughts on electronic delivery, night deliveries, damage control and lead times? Could a dealership work with an OEM to improve efficiency and ensure both sides are satisfied in the way the two work together. Is the logistics function, generally understood as integral to the success of a dealership, or as a necessity there is no need to engage with? I would be grateful to hear your thoughts...from both sides... Thank you..
Tina McCabe
Joanna Mine is a voice from the logistics co-ordination standpoint. The term logistics is a pretty wide net. Dealerships "move" vehicles on a few levels, but most commonly.... 1) Used inventory coming into them from Auction - In most cases the biggest issue is turn around time & cost. Once you buy at auction you just can't afford to wait for this inventory to show up at the dealership. Every day it sits there is a day it can not be sold. Communication with your transporter is KEY. 2)Dealer Trades - Your trading vehicles for a reason, typically you have a sold vehicle and you just can not wait for days to get that car into your dealership. Having a very strategic relationship with your transportation / logistics team can make or break a deal. 3) Private / Out of state customers. - I never understand why so many dealerships say they don't get involved with the shipping. They leave it up the customer. Well, in my experience if a "potential" customer is buying online and they have a choice between your dealership and one who will assist with shipping .. your out a sale ! Again, if you establish a solid relationship with your transporter you should feel confident that they will treat your customer with the same level of service that you do. Bottom line.. transporting your vehicles does NOT have to be a headache. It can be cost effective, efficient and professional, it's just a matter of having solid relationships with the right company. I could honestly go on and on about it. Dealers should NOT have to make call after call to find out where there cars are. They should not have to call 5 companies to get quotes, they should be able to deal with a professional who is willing to EARN their business and make the job easier. If that is not the way it is for you today... find someone else !

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