EPay and Tech Videos

Randi DeSantis

A couple of our OEMs are not requiring epay and tech videos. We have been checking out a few companies... but I wondered if anyone had a recommendation on one that they preferred?

Kevin Kulma


Great question as there alot of great companies out there that have the functionality.   The problem that I have seen in most cases, that there is no single player that has all the OEMs on their side.   Each solutions seems to have 2-5 OEMs backing them, but looking at your stores they don't all match.   

Being an Xtime store, you might want to look into their solution first then work towards the players like My Kaarma, Text2Drive, iService and Quik.  

With Service and/or Fixed Ops communication in general, there are too many cooks in the kitchen.  For example.....xtime is doing scheduling and appointment texting.  Your BDC "might" be calling and sending emails.  One of the solutions above are texting service related questions and asking to ePAY.  Then Xtime is communicated declined services and a Retention company like Epsilon or Affinitiv are sending lifecycle emails.  

That is 5 different emails, numbers and texting lines communicating with your customer.   Gets confusing for the consumer.   




Randi DeSantis

Yeah, for sure. We have 6 brands, Xtime, CareConnect and CDK Service. I thought about looking into XTime's- but we ONLY use them on the child sites for the brands that require them as their scheduler. I already hear about it ALL THE TIME "I dont need 17 reminders" adding yet ANOTHER mode of communication is just going to add to all that more. It is all too much. 

Kevin Kulma

That is true!     Better Communication > More Communication.    

I think if you identify the commonalities in OEM and Shop Management tools, then you can drill down in order to find a tool which would serve you consumers best.  




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