Facebook PPC

Joe Orr
I am interested in any study's or success stories pertaining to best practices for Facebook PPC campaign for sales, service and parts. Thanks!
James Davison
We've been doing if for over a year. In my opinion, always opt for the PPC. We'll get 1 million or so impressions for $500 /month. Facebook is consistently in our top 10 referring websites. We narrow it by region and go after people who have already expressed interest in our products. You have to watch your account though. You can be showing really well one day and fall of the planet the next. You have to check it every day or so to make sure you're getting the numbers you want. If you're not you need to adjust something.
Joe Orr
Thanks James, do you do it yourself or suggest an outside?
James Davison
We do it ourselves. I'm sure there are a lot of great companies out there that could do it for you. Of course you have to inspect what they're doing. Are they going to look at the campaign every day or so and make sure it's still performing? Questions like that make us want to do it ourselves.
Eric Miltsch
Joe, Facebook PPC is like the needy little cousin of Google PPC - it really does need more attention. Set it and forget it cannot be an option. Tweak and test the targeting parameters to ensure the location matches are in place. Ad copy needs to be refreshed as these may only have a shelf life of 48-72 hours. Don't risk your ads getting stale - think of how often you see the same ads in your facebook activity...your audience will pass them over if they start seeing the same ads. Title, keywords and ad copy are critical - and capping it all off is a stunning picture. Get their attention and hit their emotional hot buttons with killer ad copy. Since this is targeting service, make the ads relevant and attractive. Think - what's going to be different than any other potential service ad.
Brian Young
Hi Joe, you may have already found this success stories link while researching FB Ads but thought I'd include it anyway. If you haven't seen it before, it's basically Facebook Ads success stories divided up by industry. Most are big budget corporation case studies but I've found you can usually find a couple good takeaways in each. Automotive is the first category on the link below. Their whole Facebook Marketing Solutions is actually a great resource for brainstorming new campaigns, see whats working for other people, and to keep on top of FB ads in general. In some cases they even provide successful Ad copy/images and landing pages. Biggest thing to keep in mind when creating Facebook ads is to keep the ad copy tone friendly & casual and use a super compelling/eye-catching image. Target your audience in small niche segments and make sure you're driving traffic to a landing page (preferably on Facebook) that follows through with what the ad mentioned. Hope that helps. https://www.facebook.com/marketing?sk=app_169039963158542

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