facilitating large-scale recall repairs

Tori Zinger

What is the strategy at your store or group when it comes to facilitating repairs for large-scale automaker safety recalls like this one?

Derrick Woolfson

$$$$ - when we got the word for the massive recall we got with our GM and strategized a plan. That is scoping the list of those affected who have not been in for service for some time (on the verge of defecting) offering them a rental during the repair (and of course, we'd offer the same service if a customer came in w/ out the campaign).  The other list "campaign" we did were customers that paid 60%+ of their vehicle off offering them a loaner, and to "buy-back" their car with the goal/intention of their purchasing another vehicle from us. We started the campaign a bit ago and have gotten 12 sales from it. Anytime we have seen a recall this size we try to seize the *golden* opportunity as the OEM tends to support the dealer. Given that they want this resolved as soon as possible. 

Tori Zinger

I like your take on this, Derrick. A massive recall is often seen as a negative -- I think your strategy of turning it into an opportunity is really the only way to go.

Brendan Dolan

We were hammered in our Honda stores when the Takata airbag recall dropped. Rather than treat it like a burden, we treated it like an opportunity. D level techs learned how to do the inflators in a staging area without racking the car, and then would perform a basic MPI to find additional work. 

Goodbye one line recall RO's, hello plenty of CPRO's. 

Tori Zinger

LOVE THIS, Brendan! I especially love that you used it as a training opportunity!

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