Fill in the blank "My Perfect Automobile Salesperson is_______________

Craig Lockerd
Can this person be described? If so how would you descibe "The Perfect Automobile Salesperson"
Jared Hamilton
dedicated. - If I was going to use only one word I would use dedicated. Skills can and should be trained, culture is created by the dealership leaders but you cannot give someone dedication. Without dedication a sales person wont work the hours, they wont develop their skills, they wont be resilience to the objection they need to face to get to success. For me dedication in one word is the key. What do you think Craig? You have hired and trained THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of sales people. What is your perfect salesperson?
aaron kominsky
great point Jared it's true but here is my opinion THE WORD FOCUSED WHY? every salesperson is lost if they aren't focused you must have your head in th game and be tuned in to every sight and sound tha's created around you! whether you are on the phone, internet, or face to face . but first you need to have a great attitude and the burning desire to be successful . so yes to be dedicated is important however your idea of being focused on all the tasks at hand create the future path of your sucess CRAIG? what's your take!
Joshua Vajda
Adaptable For decades there has been a one-size-fits-all approach to selling: we force the customer to go through one process and hold our salespeople accountable to the one process. We teach them to ask the same questions of everyone, respond to objections using certain word tracks and phrases and present the vehicle the same way. But the best salespeople can adapt to the individual customer and situation. They know that if they focus on what's most important to each customer, they'll hold more value and drive greater satisfaction with the sale and "process." They're prepared for roadblocks and changes, objections and curveballs and can manage them smoothly without forcing the customer to go in an unproductive direction or losing sight of the business' needs.
Joe Webb
Jared stole mine, so I will piggyback off of his answer and say COMMITTED. Hopefully that encompasses the dedication, drive, focus, foresight, and commitment required to succeed long-term in our industry. Or you could say that it means you are legally insane, which I believe is also a helpful and necessary attribute.
Jim Chamberlain
All great words. I choose "Integrity". I find that if they have integrity the rest can be trained. Their INTEGRITY will guide their Committment, keep them Focused and drive their Dedication to their craft. I always look for Integrity first.

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