Financing options for service repairs

Denim Simkins
Who is using a 3rd party for financing service repairs? Is it an easy process for authorization and are the customers getting approved. Thank you for your input.
mark rask
general motors has a good option with the gm credit card
Clint Jones
Wells Fargo used to offer a program. It was a very simple credit application, faxed it in, and typically had an approval in about 15 minutes. This program worked really good. Customers would go ahead and do ALL of the suggested work rather than half of it, and never really do the rest. All of these RO's were typically over $2,000 although I don't remember it being a stipulation. Might be worth checking out.
Denim Simkins
Thank you guys for your input. Clint your right, when someone has available credit they are more likely to have the other items fixed on their car as well. There is a tremendous upside to having this tool available for all our customers.
Mark Miller
Credit one (I think) is offered to several companies (I have them through Discount Tire with Synchrony Bank). Napa also offers an amazing plan (I know many dealers use them for off brand vehicle parts). Any program offering an easy application and instant approval is an option to look at.
Steve Tuschen
VW is offering it for their customer's takes seconds to approve, submit all online. I know my Wynn's rep has setup an appointment for me to review that offer's the same thing. It does help in closing a deal if you can get them financed.

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