First Service Tips

Chris K Leslie

I'm looking for some ideas to help get people in for their first service appt. What are you guys doing to ensure that you are getting those sold customers back within the first year? 

Jeff Bollinger

One the dealers I used to work for made it part of the delivery process.  After delivering the vehicle, they walked the client back to service, and booked them 6ish months down the road, introduced them to the service writer, showed them where to go for quick service vs main shop, etc.

It also plants the seed that you're looking after them after they drive off the lot.

Morgan Hardy

@Jeff- how many decline to schedule that first appointment being so far in advance?

Jeff Bollinger

It was a rare occurrence, when setting the appointment we always reassured the client that it was a placeholder, and they could change based on their driving habits.  I always viewed it as just an additional step to make the client more comfortable with returning for service, which in my mind greatly increases earning their business the next time around.

Morgan Hardy

@Jeff- that makes sense. Initially, we were having a lot of salespeople say that the customers were declining but it may have just been the salespeople not making the effort.

Chuck Davies

The car deal was hard enough on the customer, don't hit them with a service appointment on delivery to extend the process day of purchase, best way to do it is setup a Omni channel campaign 60-90 days out. No one knows their schedule 30 days out from today, let alone 6 months. An appointment is a no show until its in the drive. 

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