First Service Visit

Chris K Leslie

How are you guys managing the first service visit after a sale? 

Joe Tareen

Great topic Leslie! Are you referring to the outreach to get the customer into service or are you referring to actually managing the first visit in terms of amenities and etc?

Mark Rask

@chris can you clarify your question?

Brendan Dolan

In my store the salesmen would set the first service visit in xtime at time of sale, and my BDC would follow up a week before the appointment to make sure it was still needed. 

Derrick Woolfson

With our OEM we use an app on the tablet for delivery. That said, the customer's first service appointment is scheduled at delivery. And then the customer receives a phone call from their sales consultant reminding them of their first visit. Having the sales consultant reach out 6 months later has helped increase that show rate for the first service appointment. If the sales consultant is here that day they will hand them over to the advisor. 

Chris K Leslie

thabks guys, I was asking about who is in charge of scheduling it and then who is following up between now and then to make sure they show up. 


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