Flexible Work Schedules In The Service Department

Dale Early
I need to know if anyone has had success running 3 day 13 hour shifts with technicians (Monday through Wednesday and Thursday through Saturday)?
Denim Simkins
Hi Dale - I have a couple of questions as to why you would be looking at this schedule. I have done a couple of different type of shifts and have seemed to flow rather easy. I assume the reason for going to shifts is to increase production and you have already done all the minor adjustments such as moving new car PDI and Used car recon to after hours to free up stalls and hire more techs. In addition I am sure you have looked at tech proficiencies and take the guy that is at 100% and limited him to one stall when the guy turning over 130% would have a stall and a half (like sharing a flat). If you are looking to have 2 shifts like this it sounds like you have enough techs to fill each stall x2 that way ALL stalls are producing regardless of shift. One thing to think about is to try it with one or 2 techs before doing an entire changeover. I have also found that discussing with the techs and explaining the scope of things that they will have some easy solutions as well, this usually involves them realizing that they need to pick it up and maybe not spend so much time on all of the tool trucks that come by and also maybe shorten that extended lunch etc. Anyway, this is an awesome problem to solve and if done correctly will greatly improve your service to your guests, improving customer satisfaction = customer retention. On the extreme about 13 years back when I was attending dealer academy there was an Acura dealer in the east cost that had a rather small shop, about 10 bays and this included his lube bay and alignment rack bay. Anyway, long story short he had 15 techs on 3 swing shifts. 7-3, 3-11, 11-7 all working out of 6 stalls. you could image what his P&L statement looked like. Astonishing he had half of his shop producing 24 hours of the day.. Like I said very extreme... please give me a little bit more info and I would be happy to help with some other suggestions
Dale Early
Denim thanks for your response. We are open Monday through Saturday and the real issue we have encountered is getting solid production out of Saturdays. Our top tier techs are basically not working Saturdays and we are left with mostly lube techs. We are doing a high volume of oil changes and closing a high number of RO's with very little sales beyond the oil change. If were able to make it worth our top techs while by going to a work schedule that gives them three days on and four days off, Saturdays would be more attractive. Also if we were able to have more top tier techs on Saturday our ASM's would be more motivated to upsell off the oil change. We do have all the PDI's pushed to a 2nd shift but if we went to a 13 hour shift, we could perform any kind of work that we take in between the hours of 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

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