Garbage IN……No Trip to St.Maarten!

Brad Bossen
There isn't a dealership still in business that isn't using some form of data base software for marketing. Mailers, emails, coupons, VIP flyers, texting and all your efforts to be "socially correct" may be costing you sales volume. •Did you "scrub" the addresses before you send out mailers? How often per year? •Are your ASM's taking the time to input current customer addresses? i.e. moved, divorce, etc. •Does your cashier ask each customer to validate their mailing address, emails and phone numbers? (Spiff a dollar for each customer they correct). •Did you remove invalid addresses, emails, etc.? (If your ROI is determined on number mailed vs. number returned for service; that could really hurt!) Here's a BIG one. Your Corp and Manufacturer send out mailers and coupons to your data base. When did you last give them a current update? And here's a scary one: Those stats you get from the Manufacturer about your sales, up-sales and ROI on special events and programs they sponsor, (maybe the winners get a trip to St. Maarten?), what mailing and email addresses are they using? Maybe your sales were MUCH better than you (they) recorded! This one will keep you awake at night! Your Service Department OP codes. These are generally alpha and/or numeric codes that the ASM inputs into the computer when writing-up the customer. A code that identifies the specific work to be done. It's a quick short hand for ASMs that the computer converts to "real" language for the tech to read on the RO, and later decoded and printed for the customer on the invoice. Here's a guarantee; you have more than one OP code being used for the SAME job! Personnel turn-over, special sales OP codes that were only to be used for one event that are still being used; new ASMs were trained by someone using the wrong code, etc. Your department(s) sales numbers that are downloaded by your Corp and/or Manufacturer are based upon only ONE OP code per service. Which one are they using? Do you have more than one code for a lube service? If you have more than one, you're not getting a real representation of your sales volume for that specific service? Don't forget to check the selling prices listed for each of those OP codes. Does the OP code pricing reflect the increased cost of oil, parts, etc., passed along by the Parts Department? Have you had a labor rate change? How about the tech time paid for that job? (May help to explain that low labor rate problem). One job = one Op code, one price. Mark your calendar. Check your OP codes for the description of work, pricing and tech time at least quarterly. Purge and input quality data for your Corp and Manufacturer. See you in St. Maarten! TIP: Rewrite that old "pre-programmed" explanation printed on the customer invoice so that it REALLY depicts what was done. Then add value by listing and printing "No Charge" to each of those "inspection" items that are done by the tech to every vehicle.

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