Brad Bossen
Good techs are hard to find and you never know what you have until after you've hired them. Start your own in-house training with apprenticeship programs. Maybe you'll remember a program initiated by Snap-On years ago, whereby an apprentice tech would receive a "beginner" toolbox and tools at a great discount. Was an effective tool for attracting good young technicians. Unfortunately, for many reasons the program in its original format was eliminated. With a little help you can start just such a program at your dealership. A manager knows that it couldn't get any better than to have the opportunity of working with a new employee for several months before actually having to hire them. To be able to train them in "your" style, in your facility so that the new-employee learning curves would be eliminated. They're making money their first day! Would that be an expense or a great investment in the future of your business? First step is to sit down with your senior technicians over a couple of pizzas and ask their opinions. You MUST have their buy-in to the program. Most are flattered to be considered for such a responsibility, and to have the opportunity of training someone. Once the program starts you'll be amazed at the increased quality and leadership that you receive from these new "teaching" technicians. No longer are they just a technician. They're a leader, a teacher and a role model, part of the process! Contact your local technical schools (don't be afraid to go out of state) and invite students to send resumes, (there won't be much on them, it's just the process that's important) interview for however many positions you feel you can support (start small). To put some icing on this cake you are not only going to give these students the title of Apprentice and an hourly salary, but you will give them a tool box and tools on their first day at work. Go to my blog page at Here you'll find an Optin box for a free 'fill in the blanks', Apprenticeship Contract. Feel free to make changes as necessary to suit your dealership. NOTE: You MUST insure that your senior techs and your staff understand that these Apprentices are NOT lot techs! They are students for which you are investing time (senior techs) and money (tools/box). Good Luck. Brad Bossen

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