Her Day Promotion

Roger Conant
I'm in the process of developing a weekly promotional initiative called "Her Day" that will be anchored by special reduced pricing for women customers. Do I have to give everyone, regardless of gender, the same pricing?
Alexander Coleman
Hello Roger, I am a sales manager at a large BHPH dealership, and I work a bit in compliance in regards to pricing and loan terms. I will say that yes, you will have to provide the same offer to everyone. You could run into some real troublesome legal issues if even one customer complains that only the women are getting the best deals. In my opinion, it's best to market your ladies day in such a way that doesn't involve pricing, payments, etc.
Roger Conant
Just what I needed...thanks Alexander!
Kyle Rutledge
I was thinking you could still call it a "Her Day" promotion but offer it to anyone. If it's a married man he can be purchasing for "Her." If he's single he can buy it to help him find "Her." Offer it to everyone, just think about how you want to market it.
Jason Stum
My .02 would be to not do it weekly. If something happens every week, then you take away they urgency & specialness of your event. Perhaps once per month, once week per quarter or even one entire month out of each year you dedicate to the promotion. Also, instead of basing 'Her Day' solely on pricing, think about what other value could you bring to the table that would be appealing and still fit the theme?
Christian Salazar
Paul miller ford in KY is one of the originators of this. Check them out and give their marketing team a call

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