High "maintenance" Mechanics...

Amanda Gordon

Is anyone else seeing a shift in the culture of the service department? If so, what direction?

Can you elaborate on high maintenance mechanics?

Amanda Gordon

Sure @Sunny. I am referring to them becoming more demanding in pay, while working less hours and being less reliable. Unlike the days when mechanics got greasy and worked their butts off to keep customers on the road safely, efficiently and without push back. Thanks for asking.

Mark Rask

We always had a hard time recruiting techs 

Kelly Cummins

You have to change your mindset and structure when it comes to the younger guys/gals coming in. Their time is more important than yours, getting off early or a day off is huge to them. The pay is a huge hurdle for me right now. I have lube techs that come in and want to make big money with no training. You have to search for the guy/gal that wants the big pay check but understands it takes time to get there. I really stress the importance of schooling and show them how much they can earn once they complete schooling.

Joe Henry

Hi Ms. Gordon. Actually NADA and NCM 20 Groups asked us to put together these workshop which addresses the Tech concerns of every dealer. It has become so popular that now various factory reps. give it to their dealers too:  Why Techs Love You or Leave You   https://1drv.ms/p/s!As5FZMDjsu2ypTYXGF7uvi1mYCmw , Finding Techs and Collision Techs in a Tight Labor Market 



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