Hiring process

Denim Simkins
What are the best tactics you use when hiring. How do you get a good read on somebody within a few interview appointments. Please share some of your best questions and techniques used to get a full understanding of your future new employee. Please share
Steve Tuschen
I do one that most people hate, which is to tell me about yourself. You gather a lot of information you can't ask as people tend to tell all of the personal information. The other questions I gauge is the how questions. Advisor: How would you handle a customer who had a wheel fall off there vehicle just after servicing with us, why would you do that, do a little role playing with them to see how they handle the stress and thought process. Tech's: what is the toughest thing you have had to fix, what were your steps in resolving the concern, looking to find there thought process in repairing the vehicle. Ask them how they would handle a brand new vehicle never heard of the problem(make something up, tick noise out of ceiling by vent), looking to see if they are a shotgunner or if they use the tools available to them, checking bulletins, etc.. Even the smaller rolls such as porter I will ask the wheel question to see how they would handle it. It is interesting for someone who hasn't been in the business to provide a response to that question. If you role play with them and go a little devil's advocate you can see how they handle stress, what you see in the interview is what the customer will see the first time they get a tough question and it provides you information on what training they are going to take if you choose to hire. there are the standard one's out there that will gauge thought process as well, such as without looking it up on the internet how many gas stations are in the United States, how did you come up with that number and why. Again can they think on there on feet can they think through a problem or are they going to be running to you for everything. If you are hiring a manager what are they currently reading(looking to see if they are bettering themselves) what is interesting about that. How do you stay current in the business changes. If all else fails, grab a mirror and see if they can fog the mirror :)
Ken R
We like to ask "tell me a joke". It's a good sense for culture fit. If they have no sense of humor, then it's going to be difficult working with us. On the opposite end, we're screening for anyone that might offend a customer. Here are some more good interview questions: http://try.autoraptor.com/blog/interview-questions-for-automotive-salespeople
Denim Simkins
@Ken I really like that suggestion
mark rask
I am in a bdc dept.....I like to get a feel for there phone voice asap.

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