Hiring Techs ( The RIGHT ones)

Denim Simkins
In a recent conversation with a high volume Toyota store who is part of a large group expressed concern about finding the right technicians. They mentioned a few hurdles that prevent them from quickly getting the A+ tech. One of those was the time it took to "onboard" a future employee. If you take into consideration the time it takes to get an interview with the manager then once an interview has happened, now how long does it take to do all the other necessary steps such as the pre-employment drug test, background check, drivers license report and all the other paperwork. Actually they know that if this process is not done in less than a few days the technician simply starts somewhere else. Then the next hurdle, how do you know this one does not have baggage. How come they are moving from one store to the other within the same brand? So the question is .... how can you onboard someone quickly and efficiently with checking all the boxes to make sure they are hirable and make certain you are not hiring a headache? Please share any of your best practices!!
mark rask
we are trying a few of the tech schools
Steve Tuschen
The problem is that you are looking for the A tech, you should be building your bench in every position so you are never in desperate need of a tech. If you are building your team you may have to hire to fill some holes but otherwise you should have a bench big enough to cover. If you are looking at filling a missing hole or two, offer relocation and sign on bonuses that will keep them while you go through your checks. The checks shouldn't take long and the manager should always be available for an interview otherwise they are not concerned about filling the position.
Denim Simkins
@Steve- great point and exactly the direction I wanted to head with this. If we are not building and creating our team from within on a daily basis we will find in short time the pipeline has dried up. In addition our team members want the training and will be happier growing their trade. I know this is a fine line and tough to balance economically but so necessary. @Mark- the tech schools have really improved their end product and have been a great help finding the next tech and then growing them into the factory technician we need. @chris - +++ agreed - Great Points!!
Mark Miller
In my market, the tech schools produce a lot of people who choose school over some other threat by their parents. Finding any kind of talent in that pool can be exhausting, although it can happen. Having built a service department from scratch, finding my shop manager/lead tech did prove to be the hardest part, identifying the A level skills, ability to lead and teach others, and still produce work was a serious process. Once I had my main guy, the rest was easier, but identifying techs that want to learn (instead of saying they want to) was difficult, but not impossible. Market conditions play a large role. A friend of mine runs 3 dealerships in a town of 5000, finding any local talent is very hard and he often has to go out of state and pay relocation costs. That situation makes the process take even longer, but usually produces a better tech for them. I agree with Steve, if there is a need the managers need to be available, and frankly, the checks do not take that long if the staff has any sense of urgency. There are on site drug tests that give a 24 result, background & credit can be done instantly online, driving records may vary a bit, and reference checks are the biggest variable. In the end, if you have a tech that fits your need, it shouldn't take more than 72 hours to interview and get the checks back. If it does than someone doesn't understand how urgent the situation is.

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