Holy Warranty, Batman!

Tori Zinger

A dealer group in Cali is offering an INSANE warranty!  Thoughts??

Amanda Gordon

What the flub!! I think it looks great on paper. I would like to flash forward to 20 years and see how many claim are actually made against this monstrosity. Considering that statistically the trade cycle is every 2.5 years, the dealership has their rear covered and will most likely only come across a hand full of Baby Boomers who keep their vehicles until the wheels fall off. Nice marketing Kia...

Derrick Woolfson

Ugh, (scratches head) how, what & why? This seems like a drunken roundtable discussion idea that turned into a dare? The dealers who give away oil changes for a "lifetime" lose enough money as it is - let alone lifetime warranty? Service is the backbone of the dealer with its revenue through customer pay. Warranty is a flatlining crapshoot that doesn't allow dealers to charge the regular hourly shop rate. This is a *disaster.* Is this supposed to be a marketing ploy to sell more cars? 

Mark Rask

How many times have things like this been tried???????

Chris K Leslie

I say godspeed 

I wonder how long it will last, how can it be profitable?? 

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