How much time is wasted

Denim Simkins
How much time is wasted by a technician when waiting at the back parts counter for the back counterman to look up a part for a used car or competitive make vehicle in the shop. Better yet how much time is wasted when the wrong part arrives?
Megan Barto
Easy - TOO MUCH! :-)
mark rask
Way too much.....we are looking at dispatching
Megan Barto
Denim - since you started this thread, do you have any solutions?
Mark Miller
This is always going to be some sort of issue, there are more techs in the shop than there will ever be back parts counter staff. One way I've addressed this is to pre-pull as many parts as possible to help with that portion of it. As for the time spent looking up parts, especially on an off brand vehicle, that is another problem. Manufactures and 3rd party parts stores are making it easier to find parts, but it can still take quite some time, especially if there are options for the parts. I have used ERO so all communication is electronic. For the normal stuff that makes things faster. It can slow it down when the parts staff have questions however. I think one solution is to have an active parts manager that is hands on and helps with the overflow, having the retail counter staff jump in when they can as well. I'll be interested to see what other solutions are presented as I've been out of the dealerships for a few years now.
Denim Simkins
Megan - Mark is on the right track and implemented a lot of solutions that are time killers. One of the last shops I visited, there is not back parts counter, simply a pick up window. This cuts down on the loitering and 8itching and the back parts counter. In addition they took the stance of being proactive and getting the parts out to the techs when an electronic parts rec came in looking for a part. Now if we could eliminate all the other distractions and time killers, tool truck, food/drink runs, ex wives (ha-this is a whole different post) An area that I really see the deficiencies is when there is turn over in parts and there is a new person, new to the vehicle line, new to the system it really slows things down.

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