How much time should it take?

Oliver Czavar
How long does a new service manager or fixed operations director have to change things around and show an improvement from the previous results? What would be a realistic 90 day goal, 180 etc.? Also what would be the key indicators to show progress?
Denim Simkins
@oliver - this is a good question and one that is most likely a little bit different for each scenario or store. The key is setting goals with the GM or DP and make sure you guys are on the same page. I've seen too many times when a service manager has busted their tail for 90 days, bell to bell, 6 days a week making improvements all to find out he was heading the wrong direction in the owners eyes. Best case scenario is to have clarity at all levels and involvement with all managers. In reality the answer is in too many cases the dealer wants results ASAP. We all know there is a cheap way to get quick results but they are not long standing solutions, just a quick fix to show good. To build something that is sustainable and long term takes building a foundation of complete processes and training.
Mark Miller
I agree with Denim, each scenario is different. As a guide I always said the first 30 days is cleaning up from the previous manager (an this is a big variable), the next 30 days is implementing the new managers programs/policies, the last 30 days is fine tuning those. So really it could be 180 days to really see that change in full effect. That being said, it all comes down to communication. As Denim pointed out the new manager could be doing all of this just to find out it is in direct conflict to what the owner wanted. So the expectations need to be clearly defined with measurable goals.
mark rask
Denim has a good point.....we have a new service manager right now who is making good changes. He has been with us for several months and the results are improving
Steve Tuschen
It depends on how what you are having to fix. Expenses should be month one, you need to look at each expense and get those in line if they are not. Sales to Gross, need to look at the leaks again should have resolved in a month or two. CSI issues need to be resolved ASAP but will take 2 - 3 months before you see scores reflect. Retention can take even longer it depends on where you are at and where you need to get to. As Mark and Denim both stated you need to find out what areas you need to improve determined by Upper Management, documented by everyone, then build action plans with implementation times and check points to make sure you everyone is on the same page and if something is going sideways they can be corrected as well as if their are new action plans that need to be created.
mark rask
Chris has a good depends how much of a team is in place

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