iMagic Lab's CRM

Steve Devereaux
Anyone have any experience with iMagic's CRM? Is it any good? Does anyone know anything about their Service Module? Is it any good?
Whitney Medved
Steve I'm wondering the same thing-- deciding on a new CRM and seem to have it widled down to imagiclab or DealerSocket. Having a webinar today to over imagic's service side, but have you gotten any feedback? What CRM are you coming from? And what is your current digital com. strategy for service?
Steve Devereaux
Hi Whitney, We currently use snail mail for service. It is a pretty comprehensive program through Aspen marketing. You may be familiar with them through GM's CSSR program. We are mostly using GM's tools right now, but we are going thru a major overhaul. What about you? What's your current service strategy? Do you know anyone that uses iMagic Lab? I am trying to get a reference of someone we can call. It seems that DealerSocket and iMagic are both focused on digital for their service department modules. It seems that most CRM companies are. What are you looking to do? I haven't had any hands on experience with DealerSocket or iMagic, but I've researched them extensively. If you find anything out about either company please forward some information my way. Thanks, Steve

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