Infographic: 16 Critical KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Tori Zinger

These are the 16 most important KPIs your fixed ops department should be tracking, according to the Ratchet+Wrench 2017 Shop Performance Survey.

Are there any listed here that you think are not critical, or any NOT listed that you think should be included?

Chris Murray

Those were called the Wrap Report before we called them KPI's. At least since 1983 I have been tracking those numbers.

So what you're saying Chris is that some things never change, they just get a face-lift and a new name? :) How well does #1 Sales Closing Ratio get tracked in the average dealership?

Amanda Gordon

I didn't see "quality of life" anywhere...

Brendan Dolan

I also tracked overtime, WIP, and number of lines per RO. 

Elle Amadeus

Why can't we just keep it simple?

Total Cars Delivered

New/Used Sales Gross

Total Cars Serviced

Total Service Gross

Total Ups

Marketing Spend

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