Inspection Sheets

Bob Fisher
Hi All, What is the TOP reason you use multi-point inspection sheets? 1. The OEM requires them 2. As a customer curtesy (increases CSI) 3. As an upsell tool to increase approved additional service requests 4. Something that I didn't mention I'd also love to hear from those who don't use inspection sheets...why don't you? Thanks, Bob
mark rask
Dave Leger
Bob, I have counseled my clients for years to use them because they have many benefits, of which you've mentioned above. I think many shops use them because of #2... But I see most use it as an upsell tool. And it is an effective upsell tool. But the biggest reason I think is often forgotten is the power of the "All is well" inspection. Many dealers start using those inspections once the vehicle is "a bit older"... And need some work done. "Look, the inspection says you need it"... But I say, use it from day 1... and use it every visit... You will build a sense of trust with your clients. If you show them when everything is good, they'll believe you that much more when something is not... And it can alert them to upcoming work that will need to be done when something falls in the yellow category. Makes for a much more trusting relationship.
Grant Gooley
From my experience it's #2 as well...
Mark Miller
#2 & #3. It it useful to illustrate what is good on the vehicle and show the customer you care, but it can be an effective upsell tool as well. It is also a way to bring future items to the customer for future visits. If done right, the inspection sheet (and review process) can build a strong rapport between the customer and advisor as well as building trust.
Megan Barto
I agree with the general consensus. #2 & #3 are the most popular reasons

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