Integrating Smartphone Technology to your Dealership

Sarah Udelhofen
My primary store is located in one of the Highest Income Counties in the US, we stared a discussion in an advertising meeting yesterday. The point was if the Owner & VP have smartphones....who doesn't? Well that's a no-brainer right there. So of course, we are trying to move the needle a little bit (better late than never)! I've been looking into different Smartphone app developers for our dealer group. Hosting 1 general application (for 9 franchise stores) vs. individual applications. Using QR codes on our window stickers ect. I did find a pretty cool Smartphone app developer that I'm going to be doing a demo with on Monday. Just wanted to see what everyone else is doing, any success or advice!!
Jim Bell
We used MobileAppLoader. Very happy with it and is very affordable.
Mike Albo
Hi Sarah!! When considering 1 general application vs. individual applications, I would heavily lean towards implementing individual apps. First, when thinking about your client/user they likely won't be cross shopping across all of your franchises so the general app will contain a lot of information that they don't want or need and could take away from their user experience. Also, are you familiar with 'Push Notifications' through apps? Just in case, this is a feature that allows you to push messages to everyone who has downloaded your app. This is an extremely popular feature when we are discussing our apps with our dealer clients. If you have this feature and one general app, this means that all of your franchises will have to agree on each message that is being pushed to the users of your app. For example, to send out a service coupon, all nine franchises would have to agree on the coupon going out. Just a couple of things to consider. If you'd like to discuss further or know more, please contact me at 612-353-4125. Thanks!

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