Integrating Training for Sales & Service

Tori Zinger

Do you think that fixed and variable ops training should be at least somewhat co-mingled? For example, requiring a certain amount of sales training for service advisors, or including basic service-related knowledge training for salespeople? Another example might be weekly or monthly meetings that include both service and sales personnel, in order to discuss recurring issues and streamline solutions for those issues so that both departments are on the same page when it comes to their customers' experience. 

Joe Henry

Yes Tori, they should. However in all the dealerships I worked in, only one dealer made that effort and that was b/c the factory was pushing the idea.

Every time we all got in the same room, service was scolding sales for over promising and sales were lecturing service on what they should do differently. 

Will be interesting to see what others say ......

Chris K Leslie

I agree with dealer guy. You don’t need it all the time but a little focus on it now and again would be helpful. 

Tori Zinger

Definitely. It would be too tedious to do it all the time, considering all of the other training, etc., that both departments are held to, but I do think it would be beneficial as long as there was a process for ensuring it didn't turn into a vent-fest.

Coming from the sales floor here in Bangor, Maine Bub... IT'S A NO BRAINAH!! :-)

Tori Zinger


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