Internet Conversion Ratios

Tim Northburg
Just curious if anyone out there has some automotive statistics or knows where I can find ratios for the dealership internet department. Here is what I am looking for national statistics on: What is a good appointment to lead percentage? What is a good closing percentage on leads/appointments? How many leads per person in the internet department is average for them to handle? What is too much? Hope you all can help me. Thanks, Tim Northburg Sales Manager Saturn of Fort Collins
Bart Wilson
This is a great question, and I would hope that every dealership has metrics in place to track their leads. I would be interested in some best-practice data. I always assumed you look for a 20 to 30 appt set rate, 70 to 80% appt show rate, and 50% closing rate on appts shown. Am I off base?
Tim Northburg
We do have a tracking system and know what we are doing but what is that compared to industry averages? I don't know. We can olny assume we are doing a good job. I checked NADA and googled for some figures and there are none that I could find.
Jared Hamilton
Tim, Your first question is a bit trickier for me, but I can tell you it will vary depending on the source of your leads. (for example leads generated by your site will have a much higher appointment ratio than leads purchased from a 3rd party) As for a national ave Ive made some calls and hope to have a better answer for you soon. Closing rate on appointments showed: 50% should close, if not more. These customers sought you out, you have vetted these customers, and now they are coming in. There has been enough of a filtration system to produce some great results. I have seen 75% + closing there too, but I think that was more of an anomaly than a good average. Benchmark 50-60% and you will be fine. How many leads can a person handle? This all depends on your dealerships structure and process. For example if your ISM is taking the lead from start to finish, working the appointments when they show, and having to manage the long term follow up of the leads than after about 80-90 leads I guarantee they
Tim Northburg
Jared, That is very helpful! I really appreciate your help in this. Thanks!
Jasen Rice
I would be tracking your leads to appointments to show to sold and to delivered by both the internet managers and by vendors. You want to seperate your sold to delivered because it is not your internet managers fault or the vendors fault of you sold the customer but you couldn't deliver them because they were $8K upside down or if they have a 300 credit score. Your internet manager and vendor did their job so don't judge their performance just on deliveries alone. This will also help you track where the weak link is. If you have 200 leads but only 50 appointments you need to work on the phone, if you have 100 appointments but only 20 show you have to work on confirming the appointments. If you have 100 appointments and 60 show but only 20 got sold then something is happening on the floor that could be causing a issues with closing the deals. And if you have 100 appointments, 60 show, 40 get sold but only deliver 15 then you have issues with lenders or you need to start handling the leads a little differently.

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