Introduction to Service

Denim Simkins
Im looking for who does a great job starting the retention journey with the customer at the time of car purchase and would be willing to tell us about your process. I think we can all agree that a majority of us may fall a little short of making sure every customer that is purchasing a vehicle is walked through the service drive and introduced to a service advisor and service staff. In addition I know that we can improve on the content that the service advisor or service staff covers. I look forward to all your feedback. Check this out they have a video posted on their website where they are even doing the introduction to service to customers that are visiting them digitally..
Mark Miller
I would agree with Denim. As a service writer I rarely if ever saw a new owner brought back to service. I think that is a huge opportunity lost.
Carl Bowen
You know the old saying, If you want something done right do it yourself. Get a list of deliveries every day and have your service advisers get out there and introduce themselves to the new customers during the delivery. Maybe even have the adviser do one step of the delivery such as sinking the phone to Bluetooth. Its a great way to break the ice with a new customer. If you wait for sales to bring them back you are going to be lonely in most cases.
Mark Miller
I think that is an amazing idea Carl. I will admit I have never thought of that, but I've never worked in a dealership where sales had a good relationship with service to implement something like that.
Denim Simkins
Carl I like it, I agree! We have to do something to make this happen. Thank you for the thought starter I will pass this on to those who are asking.
Kristen Wager
This is where a service BDC really comes into play. I brought my previous dealer from low 50% retention to 86% within 6 months, just by following up with the customers via e-mail and automated phone call. My sales people did not do the service introduction. One week after purchasing customers would receive an e-mail thanking them for their purchase and letting them know we are there for them if they have any questions or need help with any of their vehicles features. I also reiterated that they have free services waiting for them. Then three to four months after their purchase they would be contacted by email or automated phone call letting them know it is almost time for their first service. It is all about keeping in touch with that customer from the time of purchase up until it is time for their first service and so on and so fourth. Let's be real. Can we really depend on salespeople to do the introduction 100% of the time?

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