Is anyone using a texting solution for service successfully and if so which vendor do you recommend?

Tracy Gell

We've got some funds to use for service and they can only be used in a couple of ways. One of which is a texting solution for service. Has anyone had good luck with this and do you have a particular vendor you would recommend using? Have you found any issues or pitfalls with the system you're using for texting? I appreciate any help I can get with this one as I've not tried this before.

Leila Mozaffarian

Hi Tracy,

I don't mean to be spammy but rather opportunistic. Would you be open to hoping on a quick call and I can tell you about Zipwhip landline texting? Briefly what we do is activate your landline numbers for texting so you don't use a new number for texting or use your personal cellphones. I work with dealerships across North America and Canada and would love to learn more about what you are specifically looking for and if what we have to offer fits those needs. Feel free to call or text me at 206-582-3782 if you want to connect.


Leila Mozaffarian

Ricky Patrick

We've been using Contactatonce and it works ok on the sales side but I wouldn't recommend it on the service side. Their desktop application is terrible and you can't search for existing conversations very easily. I spend a lot of my day going back into old conversations for our service advisors.

On the sales side and for incoming messages it works fine, but it doesn't scale well to the volume required for a service department.

Tracy Gell

Ricky, thanks for your input that's exactly the kind of info I'm looking for. Since we want to use GM co-op service lane funds for this we're somewhat limited with the choice of vendor too.

Leila Mozaffarian

Since I am bias, I don't want to give an opinion on which vendor to use. However, this article breaks down the different types of platforms out there for texting and pros and cons. I hope it helps you find what you are looking for.

Jerry Thibeau

Tracy, I own several companies and one of them is Talk Options.  We have exactly what you are looking for.  Please give me a call and I'll give you a demo.  585-749-2015  Thanks!

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