Is anyone using a texting solution for service successfully and if so which vendor do you recommend?

Tracy Gell

We've got some funds to use for service and they can only be used in a couple of ways. One of which is a texting solution for service. Has anyone had good luck with this and do you have a particular vendor you would recommend using? Have you found any issues or pitfalls with the system you're using for texting? I appreciate any help I can get with this one as I've not tried this before.

Maddy Low

I think texting is awesome, as long as you find the right vendor! 

Shawn Ryder

Tracey - are you looking to send out specific promotions via text to customers? Is this something that would be ongoing or basing in a current objective? 

Mark Rask

Tracey thanks for bringing this up. Always looking for a better solution

Tracy Gell

Shawn, We're looking to be able to text service folks and keep them in the loop about their repairs while their car is in the service dept. We may use it other ways once we've gotten set up.

Mark Rask, who are you all using for text? Are you using texting for service too?

Thanks for the info!


Shawn Ryder

Thanks Tracy - so bascially looking to send out updates based on the RO status and any relevant information? Would it be on minor services as well?

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