Is anyone using a texting solution for service successfully and if so which vendor do you recommend?

Tracy Gell

We've got some funds to use for service and they can only be used in a couple of ways. One of which is a texting solution for service. Has anyone had good luck with this and do you have a particular vendor you would recommend using? Have you found any issues or pitfalls with the system you're using for texting? I appreciate any help I can get with this one as I've not tried this before.

Phil Vogel

This thread has gotten pretty interesting. Tracy...Perhaps what I and others have left out of these comments thus far is the most important consideration: Do your customers and service team USE IT? That said, as with everything, check references.

Don Kelley

We use "" for our dealership. Great platform, customers love it, advisors love it, sales love it.

Stan Rodia


I highly recommend MyKaarma and their texting platform.  We have been using it here for several years and find it to be the best solution.  The program is easy to use for both the Service Advisors and, most importantly, for the customers.  Seamless integration with our DMS...and that is no easy task with Reynolds.  The customer only has to use one phone number to text or call their advisor.  The system automatically routes the message or call to the advisor assigned to the repair order.  It has saved countless phone calls and expedited the approval process from customers.  Also you have either a text record of the discussion or actual recordings of the phone calls if there is any issue.

Hands down the best product that I have seen and I have looked at a few.  Our store writes an average of 120 R.O.s/day, with 48 on the technical staff and 9 ASMs.

We demonstrated the system to Mercedes-Benz corporate and they have recommended the program to all of their 300+ dealerships in the country.

Check it out...I'm sure that you will be extremely pleased with this solution.

Curtis Nixon


Curtis Nixon

Tracy, you already have UpdatePromise working at your Collision Repair Center's. If you call me I can help you expand our services to meet your other division needs. In fact everyone of your collision center's use us today.  Below is one of your actual customer comments about your services: 

"My experience was very good. This was my first accident and it was on my new car. Really liked the text messages keeping me aware of the progress. Everyone involved was very professional. I later found my late father had brought one of his cars there which says a lot because he had a family auto body business so he must of trusted you."

Using a system with experience in keeping your company compliant with the ever changing TCPA and FCC regulations is essential in today's environment. Let's get you other division on boarded today!

Curtis Nixon 626-926-3975 ;-)

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