Is Your Fixed Ops still FIXED....or is it time for Change?

Brad Bossen
A little play on words but my intent is to draw attention to the "out of the box" attempts made for the front of the store marketing...yet our customers continue to receive the same old (aka FIXED)flyers and mailers that were designed years ago. Seems very contradictory message to the consumer!
Jared Hamilton
Brad, you struck a cord with me (by the way welcome to the community) because I completely agree with you. Why do we not put more marketing effort into the fixed operations? We hire someone to make oil change calls and send the occasional flyer and we are done marketing our fixed operations. SO NUTS!! Here is an interesting tidbit: according to the most recent NADA Data, dealers fixed ops made up for more than 100% of dealership net profits. This means we (as a dealer body) lots a bunch of money in new cars, some money in used and made it all up and then some in fixed ops. Then, like Kevin Root says, "Look at your website and determine if you give enough attention to your fixed ops." Sometimes all the advanced marketing stays in the sales departments and we ignore the big money maker for our stores. Why?? What a waste. Thanks Brad. SO what are some advanced marketing things you have seen work in fixed ops?
Brad Bossen
Fixed Ops managers (and I spent some time there myself) have floated along the ups and downs of the fixed ops business for over 30 years.Owners and many dealership management have grown very accustomed to the "steady Eddy" guys in fixed ops. Some time up, some times down...but never REALLY just keep up the good work! The unfortunate reality is that as your commments noted; the fixed operations in many dealerships have been paying the bills. Unfortunately managament has their heads in the sand and there is a tsunami on the horizon. Quick math: Vehicle sales 18-24 months ago maxed out in the 17 million range. When the recession hit sales dropped to approx 11 million. As per the NADA this is about where they feel the American market should stablize (ownership says 13-14mil).WE ALL LOST 30% of our business. In the front of the store (Sales) that pain was realized and adjustments made. For the back of the store, fixed ops we not only lost 30% of the business for the past 2years.....we lost 30% of all those vehicles that would be coming in for warranty work for the next 36 months! Fixed ops will not, I repeat will not stabilize like the sales department.T his is really just the beginning.Are you prepared?

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