Looking for experienced service techs

Susan Doughty

Hitting a wall with a few dealerships looking for experience techs. Service hours are 8-5 and would like to extend the hours once the bays are filled. Any idea's out there or what's working for you. One hurdle is finding techs that can pass a insurance drug test. Seems we have many pot smokers who are talented but can't pass the test. Please help.

Mark Rask

We run in to the same issues......We are starting to try ourt of the area a lot more

Denim Simkins

Hi Susan - Everyone is in the same boat right now and the lack of skilled labor is one of the biggest things holding everyones shop back from achieving greater results. Im sure you have tried some of these tactics.

 - Sign on bonus paid out after a period of time on the job

- employee referral program, pay an employee when they refer a friend who hires on and stayes for a period of time

-reach out to all job corp, applied technical and trade schools. Finding and experienced tech will be tough but there are a few in there.

Finally, how about this as an outside of the box option. Openly discuss the hire on process (specifically the pre employment drug screening) and then be flexible with the potential employee as to when they start that process depending on some of their habits. Someone you talk to today could be ready in a couple of weeks to start the onboarding process.

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