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Wendi Venable
Was talking to a non automotive marketing guy today and he asked me a weird question that I did not have the answer to. (sure coulda come up with some in the air answer baaed on "what I think" but.....) So I decided to ask all of you out there- With dealerships being in prime traffic and real estate locations why is it that the only signs you see are the neon green "like new!"...."low miles"......"drive me" 3.5 x 18" windshield decals?.....and also he added- "Dealerships all used to have their phone numbers all over the place- but as I sat in front of a Chevy store outside of Dallas stuck in traffic- looking over a car from the line of traffic I was in- there wasn't a phone number for the place to be found?" then he added- "by the time I got home I forgot all about it and the following week bought a similar car from a store across town" Remember how dealerships phone numbers were posted on the windows, cars and signs? Is the phone up becoming an antiquated sales tool in our heads? thoughts?
Aj Maida
I would hope not. We just bought a new parts delivery vehicle and for sure it has both the URL and the phone number on it. At our "used Car Outlet the phone # is on at least three windows and very visible from the street. Now that said at our franchise store, which is not on a "car dealers row" while we have the URL posted we do not have the phone #. This is an over site that I will fix today (where is that printers phone #???). I have been trying to find a custom phone # but no one has been able to find one I like. Some of the ones they come up with are hilarious. It's funny we get so caught up in 'new" marketing that we forget that some of the basic still work.
Bryant Gibby
I have been in the business for 8 years and have never been to a store that has the phone # all over the cars. I don't think a phone up is less important than it used to be, I just think they are less common. Dealers and consumers are way more focused on the internet now so maybe that's why this guy never sees phone #'s anywhere. Times have changed!

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