Loyalty programs

James Altemus
I've been tasked with looking into loyalty programs. So far my search has been limited to Google and some sketchy looking websites. The search on here didn't find much recently, and only one review for one vendor, which wasn't otherwise on my radar. Who on here uses a loyalty program, who do you work with and how has it worked?
Denim Simkins
@James this is a good question and I have seen some really good products. The question that I keep going back to and see all to often in the dealership is after the initial roll out the program looses steam quick. I would also suggest find one where you can set a few rules and the reward is automatic for the customer. I really like the fact that when there is a rewards program going on, your monthly / quarterly communication to the customer now is value based and not a sales pitch. You can communicate the amount of rewards they have to spend on their next service or accessories. Nobody wants to carry another card in their wallet but want the rewards, customers love them and when done correctly are a great retention tool.
James Altemus
As I've been researching this, I've been developing a set of features I'd like to see: - Automatic opt in for existing customers, with automatic enrollment as part of the purchase process. No extra steps for the customer to do. - Maybe cards, maybe not. Getting people on our end to do the extra steps of scanning cards or other manual tracking of rewards transactions will be a challenge. - Usability group wide. We have three new car stores and plenty of customers who own cars from more than one. If you earn points in Store A, I you should be able to use the points in Store B or Store C.
mark rask
We just started using a program that gm. promotes......good results so far
Sean Travers
Sending your top customers a "free gift" has been something I've seen to work. They have to come in to receive the gift, but it shows your appreciation for the customer. Also, it gets them back in the dealership. I've also seen dealerships do a Oil Change program that allows the customer to pay for 2 oil changes and get the 3rd free. I've also had dealerships run a "test drive your way to savings" program which gives them service discounts if they test drive a vehicle.
James Altemus
Promotions like that come and go and move the needle from time to time. We're looking to set up something permanent.

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