marketing ideas

Mark Rask

I am looking for some good ideas that will drive customers in to the lane 

Derrick Woolfson

Have you tried service conquesting? 

Kevin Kulma

Mark - my company Fixed Ops Digital specializes in Service marketing.  A great idea to implement is using recalls to bring customers in.   Specifically - building content pages within the framework of your website that are built and optimized for [make] + [model] + "open recall."    Now your site has a landing page to send FB traffic which you can build a list out of your CRM to show "Open Recall Notice" ads to.   2 big points on this - FIRST: You can't advertise to recalls, so the ads need to be a notice style format  SECOND: Not all recalls are created equal.   Meaning you have to choose the right recalls like software updates that are not a difficult to source parts and a headache for your service department.  

This also can be another great way to sell more cars....out of your service drive as well since most open recalls are older cars probably with equity.  




Mark Rask

my bdc does the campaign calls 

Henrik Janer

From your website, I see you've been in business since 1998. If you've collected data on repair orders, customers, and the vehicle, you should have a fair bit of leverage. Consider using that data. Can you develop menu recommendations based on past purchasing behavior? Can you build an affinity profile of your most profitable and desirable service customers based on hard purchase data, and use the "soft" data to target with campaign calls? Looking at past service behavior, can you target customers who are at risk of leaving you?



I have used fix ops digital i my customer pay repair orders have increased.  I will say it will not be an instant jump but you will notice some increase in calls 

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