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Chris K Leslie

Why don’t more service drives offer standard menu pricing like you would get at a pep boys or mieneke?

Kevin Kulma

Chris - great point.   Cox did a great study in 2015 and 2018 and the biggest objection of consumers today is that the Franchise dealer is not as cost effective as the independents.  That is a false narrative.   If you look at a full synthetic oil change or alignment service, the franchise vs independents are basically the same pricing.  Then the value of certified parts, fluids and technician along with the multi million dollar facilities with all the amenities.   There is no comparing.   

Problem is - most service related marketing is bad.   10% off brakes.   10% off what?  If the consumer thinks the dealer is too expensive and will rip them off, then 10% means nothing.   But when there is clear and transparent pricing, results will follow.  


Brittany Alva

I think the bigger issue is the range of things that service drives can do that you wouldn't get a set price for at any mom and pop auto shop. That might be easy to try and give *basic, non-binding* quotes for, but there's other answers.

One option that seems like a way to advertise your service drive is to actually put a price instead of that 10% off, which gives customers something comparable.

I don't work in a dealership, so I'm not sure why service drives don't, but it's something I've wondered before too, and that's the most actionable answer I've found to a problem with no known reasoning (in my head).

Arthur Bratton

I can see why many service drives don't have a simple menu, but borrowing from Pep Boys or Meinekes is a great idea!

Q: How much is an oil change?
A: That depends. Does your vehicle require full-synthetic? If not, do you want semi-synthetic or full synthetic? Does your vehicle take more than 5qts?

Final answer: $34.95 – $64.95

That is a big range and it is difficult to explain clearly on a menu board.

When every service offered is dependant on the vehicle, all costs turn into ranges which is better than nothing but it is not as transparent as we would like to be.

Bart Wilson

I feel another issue is how well you are communicating this menu pricing online.  

I walked into a service drive at a dealership that had a huge sign on the wall with their pricing vs the competition.  In my mind, but the time the customer sees this it's too late.  Post it online.

Kevin Kulma

Bart - Glad you said that, it is our exact theory on what we do with the custom Service Menu Page.   10-15 of the dealers most commonly preformed services, clear and transparent pricing, oem recommendations.    

Makes no sense that the OEM requires a menu board in the service lounge and/or service drive, but then on the service specials page their is 1 offer for $10 window tinting service in December in Chicago.  

When things are done correctly - most dealership don't understand the power of the Service Specials page.    It should be built with the same UI/UX of their New and Used SRP.  


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