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Denim Simkins
By now all of us have been inundated with factory recalls. Dealing with the high volume of them can at times be very stressful. Im looking for innovative ideas that dealers are using to make this a positive experience for our customers and also benefiting the dealership's bottom line
Steve Tuschen
The biggest thing is a process. Going through the GM ignition recall, we had a process setup where we tracked the parts and provided updates with the customers on when they wanted to get the updates, such as a weekly text, email, or call just so they new they were in the loop. For the customer coming in, it all depends on how your shop is setup if you key on some techs, bring them all in to not disrupt flow of your regular traffic. We setup a web page on our main website that had the latest information as they were each coming out and what we could do and made sure it was accurate and up to date. The one thing our owner had wished we had done was hire someone to answer phones even temporarily for the volume and wish we had put together a care package of an oil change, mug, and a few other trinkets as so many of these were new customer's and it would have been away to capture someone who hadn't been into the dealership for another shot. We have it ready to go for the next one.
Roger Conant
This is HUGE and only going to get larger. And when the sales bonanza lessens, and it will...the service center will become the "other showroom...much more formalized and "valued" by sales than it is today. I always look for resources first, and one that seems interesting to me is below. (at the very least, their site covers some solid ground) For some other references to the subject of recalls---please check out my latest LI post.

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