New employee profile tests

Steve Tuschen
Anyone use DISC or any other profile program to aid in hiring and also use it know how to communicate with there employees? We don't but some in our group do, I just had to complete one for a class I am attending and could really see the benefits of making sure you communicate with your employee in away they want to be communicated with.
Ken Gregson
AutoNation uses Predictive Index. It's similar to DISC They completed a analysis of our high and low performers and identified the most likely profiles that were indicative of success; and those that weren't. Very helpful in reducing hiring mistakes. It produces a great report on their selling style and how best to manage them; for managers it reveals indicators of their management style.
Denim Simkins
@Steve as Ken has mentioned they are really helpful in the hiring process and then also helps with the way you communicate with each individual employee moving forward. Sounds like you are heading to the Nissan 201 or 301 class :)
Steve Tuschen
I agree with both and it is interesting what you learn when you take stock in yourself and others in the profile and I was curious on how many people really do this. I am actually going through a class within our dealer group. :)
mark rask
We are looking at some things that hireology offers
Steve Tuschen
At the stores that use it every single person takes it from owner on down. I have always believed to tell my people upfront how I communicate and how I will react and then show it and encourage people to open and do the same so I can change when talking with them, it builds the rapport with your people.

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