OEM Direct Baldwin, WI

Randi DeSantis
Does anyone have experience with this company? They were contacting my dealership all last week. After multiple phone calls, and multiple requests from us to be removed from their contact list, the situation ended with us calling the police. I had 3 very upset employees that were insulted and annoyed. Their incessant calling turned into harassment. I don’t know if this is a ONE OFF situation, or if this is normal business for these people...
Jared Hamilton
Wow, that is ridiculous? What do they do? Were they just sales calls that went bad? What happened?
Grant Gooley
Nothing worse then a vendor harassing a dealership... Do they honestly think it will get them anywhere? I did some research on these guys... All I found was this measly, comical job posting. Matter or fact, it explains everything!!! SALES REPRESENTATIVES NEEDED Company: OEM Direct Location: Baldwin, WI Date Posted: January 30, 2014 If you're sick and tired of not getting paid what you're worth then you know it's time to start writing your own check. We get paid exactly what we're worth because we decide with our own efforts what that amount will be. If you’re a closer, you have what it takes to seal a deal, your an expert at the pitch, and a star when it comes to the delivery then we have a sales position for you! SALES EXPERIENCE PREFERRED WHOLESALE AUTOPARTS COMPANY WITH SALES POSITIONS AVAILABLE...
Randi DeSantis
Well- on Monday a sales rep called our parts manager- wanting to talk about using them versus manufacturer parts. The parts manager said no thanks- and kindly ended the call. He got two more phone calls on Monday- and apparently 3-5 the next three days... Just pushing and selling- whatever. Each time our manager said we weren't interested and asked to be removed from their solicitation list. The last call Thursday that came in our manager didn't receive (parts staff answered) so he called back to OEM and asked for who was in charge. Apparently- "Nate" was the boss and he was out. He called and got our manager on Friday. Our manager explained that we were not interested and just wanted to be removed from the call list and for the phone calls to stop. Nate went off on how all dealership personnel are "brainwashed" by VW and was aggressive and insulting on the phone. Our manager finally hung up. He couldn't get a word in- and he had work to do. That sent them threw the ROOF. Our receptionists then battled an onslaught of phone calls- at one point sending six back to back to back down to parts. One receptionist threatened to leave, stating she "didn't deserve to be spoken to in that way". They paged me- and I spoke with Nate. Our conversation included him calling my parts manager names, him yelling at me doing a hitler impression, comparing our dealership to a concentration camp, telling me sexually explicit "jokes", implying in every way he could that there is no way I knew what I was talking about because I was "some girl taking the managers call"--- and during all of this, he was calling my dealership with another phone, having conversations I could hear. As well as other voices in the background doing the same thing. He goes by the name "Nasty Nate" on G+ and YouTube. You can get a better impression of the type of character we were dealing with from that. Considering this had lasted for 5 days now- it was preventing 6 employees at this point from doing actual work- and our efforts to get it to stop previously hadn't worked... We called the local police. They were "familiar" with them- and offered to pay them a visit. 10 years in the auto industry - and this was for sure a first for me. Who thinks that insulting and harassing leads to sales?
Jared Hamilton
Yikes! Yea, i can see why you called the police. That is insane, ive never heard of anything like that - Horrible!
nate (nasty) m
grant gooley.... gossip girl.... get a job bud! lol

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