Offers that drive appointments & consumer traffic

Samuel Devon
I'm working on some special offer promotions for a few dealerships. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced offers and specials for Service departments that tend to have a higher level of engagement, and booked service appointments. We could keep running oil change specials, or wheel alignments, but I'm curious if there are service specials that are more effective.
Denim Simkins
a special that always worked well for one of my stores was a wildcard promo where there was a percentage discount based upon the dollar spent. For instance 9% off when spending over $150 - 10% off when spending $200 - 11% for $250 and up to 15% off. Exclude tires, and cap it a maximum discount of $50. Also a a mature vehicle discount works well higher the age of the vehicle the larger the discount. An alternative to offering a discount is a free well vehicle check up for the upcoming road trip or a complimentary A/C performance check where you simply hang a thermostat in the vent and visual inspection of all the AC components along with completing a multi point inspection. However with that being said the most effective marketing campaigns are timely and meets the need of your customer.
Denim Simkins
I also forgot to mention simply sending a customer a $20 or $25 credit towards any service really works. Phrase it in the from of a thank you for being a special customer. make sure you exclude using it on oil changes, safety or emission testing
Jason Stum
I'll second what Denim suggested. The X% off $Y goes over well with our customers.
Lauren Moses
Definitely like what the others said. I know you said you are wanting appointments for service but I would target certain people. Since school is fixing to be starting soon, target your local teachers. Do a special "Bulk" deal. Maybe include a 1/2 priced oil change, tire rotation, a/c check, multi-point inspection, and free car wash for $X. Do a campaign on facebook that targets teachers. As a teachers' kid, both of my parents are already getting back into their classrooms. Make up flyers and take them to local schools and ask if you can put them in the teacher's boxes or slip them under their doors. I also wouldn't limit it to just teachers but faculty and staff too!
DJ Snyder
I agree w/ what Denim suggested you may also want to include a "FREE" item that brand the dealership. I've also be a fan of loyalty points. If they have a loyalty program you can always do double and triple point days etc...

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