On Line Service Appointment Strategy

Chip King
I forwarded the article in AutoDealer Monthly on Service Customer Retention to some of our dealers, noting the success of the dealer mentioned in the article, and aksed who was using this process and how it was "rated". I got several responses of interest with questions about best providers. Hoping to get some feedback here on what direction our dealers should look in. Here is one response from an interested dealer. "We tried setting up xtime. they dropped the ball and we never got it set up since LAST OCTOBER!. I really liked the idea. I contacted some of their clients and found their customer satisfaction was tied to the dealer's utilization of the system. I also demo'd Izmocars product, but it wasn't ready for prime time. If you hear of a product that does it right please let me know." Recommendations?
Arnold Tijerina
Are you looking for recommendations for a vendor that provides a product that allows people to make service appts online? I'm a little confused as to what service you're looking for.
Chip King
Exactly-- I should have been more clear and attached the article as well-- Looking for recommendations on vendors that supply the online service appt process, degree of integration in DMS, reminders, show rates etc......Certainly not our field but we have heard a lot of interest in the process.... This article was from the GM of AutoRevenue, http://www.autodealermonthly.com/33/3942/ARTICLE/Service-Customer-Retention-is-Money-in-the-Bank.aspx Thx!
Matt Watson
If the dealer is a VinSolutions customer, that is a feature we offer.
David T. Gould
www.xtime.com have not used it, heard good things... good selling! dtg
James Levenson
Use Ecarlist! They Have everything you need for integration and it keeps your customers in the loop about when inventory arrives that they are interested in.

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