Online Parts Selling

Steve Devereaux
Anyone sell parts online? Which websites do you use? We haven't got into much online retail parts selling. We did signed up for ADP's program to get rid of obsolete parts. The program detects the obsolete inventory we have and other dealers can buy it. This is an area of the business that is not discussed enough. I think this could be a very profitable discussion to have. Any information regarding online parts selling could benefit all of us. Thanks for your time.
Arnold Tijerina
I've seen many dealers sell parts on eBay. You don't have to have only "auction-style" listings, as some people erroneously believe. They have an online store you can create. It can certainly help get rid of older parts you have in stock by increasing their exposure to a national level. The part you may never sell over your retail parts counter may be the exact part that someone across the country from you is searching for. I'm not a fixed ops guy so that's my only advice. I'm sure other members can give you some alternate places online and/or more specific advice.
Jared Hamilton
What franchises do you have steve? There are some huge niche opportunities for microsites to sell parts etc that are brand specific. This isnt a dealership but certainly could be: Check this out, its a top search engine national ranking for the term Subaru parts: Its a microsite owned by a dealership... AWESOME search authority and traffic, but the site itself could use better functionality.
Mike Martinez
Can't logon for some reason. This is Mike Martinez ( from izmo. It depends on what you mean by "parts". For mechanical and crash parts, as well as obsolete parts, I'd consider the solutions mentioned in this thread. You may also want to consider Partsvoice, from ADP. This may have been what you used for obsolete parts; Partsvoice can also help you move slow-moving, non-obsolete parts as well as find parts you need but don't stock/out of stock at your local PDC. The world of accessories (versus mechanical/crash parts) is an entirely different but hugely lucrative matter. izmo dealers using our AddOnAuto accessories solution sold tens of millions in accessories in 2010, so I have some fresh data and best practices I can share. The AOA average dealership 2010 generated an average of $475 in accessory-revenue-per-vehicle-sold, up from $80-$120 per vehicle sold before the new accessories sales process was implemented. Furthermore, these dealerships enjoyed average gross margins of 45%, adding an average (results vary depending on your franchise, geographic region, etc...) of $40,000 per month in additional gross revenue, which translates into additional ANNUAL NET PROFIT of $150,000. Only 10% of accessories sold in the U.S. are sold by dealerships. The tragedy is that dealerships actually have powerful, built-in advantages to ‘own’ far more of the accessories market than they do today. Psychologically, consumers are far more likely to spend on accessories at that exciting “sweet spot” moment of purchase. My comments (and the data) all come from dealerships using our AOA product. But whether or not you opt to use our tool there are some key accessory sales best practices: • Take advantage of any “wait time” after the purchase has been negotiated and financing is being arranged to let the customer digitally configure their new vehicle with accessories. • Find an online tool that can literally configure the exact vehicle (including the year, make, model, interior and exterior color) with the accessories on the fly so the customer can immediately visual the enhancements. • You will likely sell mostly genuine OEM accessories, but After-market accessories can play an important role in supporting OEM sales and prices, as well as filling in fast-moving accessories not offered by the OEM (e.g. window tint, remote starter, etc...). • Interior accessories (like DVD players, navigation, dash kits, etc…) are critical to your accessories profitability, so make sure the tool you choose has interior as well as exterior visualization capabilities. • Ease the financial pain by calculating the enhancements into the overall financing and monthly payment as well as providing the upfront price. • Ensure that the accessories sales, financing, and installation process is coordinated across the entire dealership, facilitating the efforts of everyone involved (customer, sales, F&I, service, parts, management). Your accessories sales efforts will crash and burn quickly if any one member of the value chain has a bad experience.
Arnold Tijerina
Great response, Mike! (and you were logged in, by the way)
Shawn Vieira
Steve, GM has an accessories link that if you haven't added to your GM website you can. No parts page yet. Just need the parts dept. to go in and set up pricing structure so it will be the same throughout the store. Here is an example of one.

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