Outbound Calling Campaigns for Ford

Denim Simkins

Looking for a suggestion for some different outbound call campaigns for a Ford dealer. They are doing the typical campaigns for service like reminder, reactivation and lost customers, along with recalls. Who has had a successfull campaign they have recenty run and had great success?

Rikki Tachman

I have a few different things that we use at our dealership. I can briefly explain them to you and then send you some examples if you want...that way this post doesn't become a novel.

We have a campaign called Service to Sales. This entails calling customers who have service appointments set for the following day. The BDC rep/internet rep/whomever does your internet department work, will call to confirm the appointment. Then they go on to tell the customer that their vehicle has shown up on a pre-owned hot list and the managers would like to make them an offer on their vehicle. 

We have gotten a pretty good response to this one. It usually gives us about 5-10 extra sales for the month depening upon how many customers we can get to set the appointment. 

* * * 

Lost customers/long term follow-up is probably one of my favorite calls to make. Call the customer saying you understand they requested information from the dealership quite awhile ago and noticed that no one had followed up with them in quite some time. Then you ask if they're still in the market.

  • If the answer is no:
    • Ask them if it's because they have decided to wait or because they have already purchased a vehicle
  • If the answer is yes:
    • Let them know that you're having your summer blow-out even/huge inventory reduction sale/etc. and proceed so ask questions to qualify them on a vehicle.

Just let me know if you'd like a word track that's a little bit more in-depth. I have a few other campaign word tracks that have shown to get results as well. :) 

mark rask

Rikki , those are some great ideas, I especially like the from service to sales idea

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