Outbound marketing in Xtime

Dan W.
We are currently switching are Fixed Ops BDC CRM from Dealermine to Xtime, but have concerns regarding the ability to create outbound maintenance call lists in Xtime similar to Dealermine's contact lists. Anyone made this switch, or using Xtime for outbound maintenance reminder calls successfully?
Brandon McNett
Dan, I haven't been exposed to Dealermine so I can't make comparisons. I am familiar with Vin Solutions for our Sales CRM and life cycle communications. We have lists that are updated daily for No LOF 6/8 Months, First Appointments, No Shows, No Service in 6/8/12 Months, declined services and different targeted intervals (30/60/90/120k Service). Lastly, and the thing that I like the most about it, is that we can ensure that we're including (or excluding) certain labor ops, vehicle year/makes/models and we can ensure that we have taken them off of our list if they've serviced recently. It is ALSO very easy to create a la carte campaigns (for recalls or certain types of vehicles). It is easy to set up the email notification/reminders during the set up process...from the research I've done and people I've spoken to - most people feel that X-Time is the best system out there. Like I said, I haven't worked with anything else so I'm not the best reference. Feel free to message me or email at bmcnett@ballweg.com if you have any other questions that I can answer for you.
Dan W.
Brandon, Thank you very much for the response. I will be going through the process of setting up campaigns with a specialist from Xtime this week, but I may take you up on the offer once I have gone through the process to see if you have any tips/best practices. Cheers!
Brandon McNett
Anytime, just let me know. I think only positive things can come from people like us getting together, sharing ideas and having some support. We provide the consultants with jobs because we're thinking of the fresh new ideas, making the new "best practices" and perfecting the craft...they're simply learning from us and sharing with other dealerships for a fee. I'm glad to help "cut out the middleman".
Chris A

Dan Worrall-How is Xtime for Outbound feature compared to DM? We are currently considering switching over and wanted to know if the features are similar or even better.

Brad Paschal

We have x-time and I would be interested also if someone has some info on this.

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