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Chris K Leslie

How many of you are setup for a customer to pay their service invoice from anywhere they are? 

Shawn Asadi


Our company Tekion, provides an end to end solution for Fixed Ops from customer scheduling through payment processing and everything in between. Most of our dealer partners have repurposed their service cashiers since either customers pay for service from home or an advisor can simply collect the payment utilizing our technology. Our entire platform is Cloud "built" and "hosted".  We're not in the hardware or payment processing business so you can have whoever you want for your payment processing, we provide the UI and the entire experience for you and your customer.  We have Apple Pay integration and can integrate with any other payment processing company that you like.  Let me know if you need more information.  Sorry for the longwinded answer.


Mark Rask

That is something that we should do

Patrick Southward


Singlethread has the best user experience with our direct DMS integration, and use of the existing dealer merchant account. Feel free to check it out, or give me a call and we can get a demo scheduled. A lot of people say they can do what we do but I’m yet to find that company.


Burair Ashary


myKaarma's Payments enable your customers to pay their invoice anywhere they are. They can pay using their smartphone, at the cashier, or with the service advisor using their PC or iPad. The best part is, we work with all the major processors across the country (you get to keep your negotiated rates.)

The results speak for themselves, we are processing about $2 billion worth of Payments for Dealerships annually. 

Happy to talk more if you'd like more info.

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