Perfect Balance

Denim Simkins
quite often we are faced with the question, "Do I have enough people to provide the level of service I expect or am I over staffed" It seems that if I were to judge that question by the financial statement I may have a completely different answer than when I am simply observing on the service drive. Where is that balance? How do I pay and reward those that perform at a high level and still be within "guide" all at the same time being built to handle growth and provide exceptional customer service.
Steve Tuschen
I just got back from a meeting where we had that conversation. the guidelines we were provided was 1 person for every 11,000 in gross. Store grosses 700,000 would be 64 people. From a percentage point personnel expense by department total: 32.25, New 24.5, Used 23, Service 45, Body 43, Parts 50 as a percentage of gross. The how and balance is you have to make that work, which for me is has been growing my people and setting the pay plans so as the business so does there pay.
mark rask
I run a bdc and I am often questioning my staff levels. I am tasked to not let anything fall through the cracks yet they are considered non grossing employees.....hard to juggle

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