Phones Ringing and Ringing

Ron Henson
Hi Judie, I used to have the calls ring into the Parts Dept if the service dept hadn't answered after 2 rings. The guys working in parts have a good working knowledge to be able to answer service calls and book appts. The Parts guys liked it because if they booked the appts, they got any parts sales from that appt.
Stan Sher
My advice. Get CallRevu and start measuring it. Then start putting out fires.
Steve Duff
We have similar problems even though our BDC does handle service appointments. Some people need to talk to an adviser. Or they need to talk to THEIR adviser (if their car is here already). And yes, they are indeed busy and can't always take the calls. Similar problems with F&I. Sometimes they all have customers in front of them and they are trying to pump the PVR numbers and just can't answer a call. I assume all dealers have these problems, but if someone has any magic bullets for solutions, we are all ears!
Big Tom LaPointe
kind of depends on the size of your shop. if CSI is important, it sounds like another body is needed, but where to put them depends on your structure. years back when I was in service, we had THREE appointment setters and advisors wrote upwards of 30 cars apiece per day. there were a couple of assistants on the drive who were on walkie talkies / (then Nextel direct connect) if someone needed status. I always bought flowers for the appointment desk and they were good about covering my backside or walking out on the drive to get the info or put me in touch
Judie Michener Scott
I like the idea of having a Service receptionist on the drive to assist with inbound calls. Once calls are transferred out for a particular adviser, they can handle them with a little more finesse. Question is the position cost effective? CSI?
Big Tom LaPointe
in the luxury dealership where I worked, we had THREE service receptionists - but they were appointment setters, too, rather than the BDC. as for ROI - I would think your CSI alone is worth it, not to mention the actual benefit of customer satisfaction - repeat and referral service. hard (impossible to measure) the impact of lost business when people talk about sucky service at their barber shop or salon, and ESPECIALLY online. the assistant can fill in for advisors during lunch, make simple calls for advisors to let people know their cars are ready.

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