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sara callahan

OK, this may be a little out of the ordinary to post here,. I usually post blogs on marketing advice. But this time I am looking for some advice. While I deal with dealers all the time and am 100% familiar with the Fixed Ops process, I am now a consumer, with a vehicle that has a recall problem, and the dealerships within a 30 mile radius of me are just awful. I have had two neighbours have terrible experiences with customer service and one had a very poor repair job done, due to carelessness by the technician. The consumer reviews for both my nearest dealership, and the one 20 miles away are just awful.

I know they are busy with recall work and this is affecting how they treat their customers which does lower the ratings. But, there is also a valid problem at these two dealerships. A lack of caring about the customer, and poor quality work. Ihave used the one closest to me in the past and it was the worst service experience I have ever had. I have to use one of them, I have no choice, my vehicle is due for its first service and it is an important item to take care of (not an airbag thank goodness!)

Any ideas on how a consumer can better interact with the service department to ensure a better service experience and that my vehicle is repaired correctly, and not sloppily serviced? Might seem like a silly question but hey, I would welcome the advice and who knows, some good could come of it:) Thanks!

Angie Macaraeg

Hello Sara!

Being a BDC Manager/Client Experience Manager, I wanted to see if my input had value for you. It sounds like it's not a surprise to the community that these dealerships have that reputation. As a professional apologizer and fire-putter-outter, I find that the best way that our consumers get the treatment they need the second time+ around, is to talk to the powers-that-be. Be it the Service Manager, BDC/Client Experience Manager, or even the General Manager. Express your discontent and the reoccuring cycle of poor service.  

Most people are uncomfortable with the thought. It's a hassle. But 1 person speaks out for 3 other people who feel the same way. Sometimes you have to be that 1 person. I've had customers who have had negative service experiences, mainly because of the wait time, and all it really takes is a phone call to make up for lost time. Sometimes as the dealer, being as we are not perfect, fall short on customer expectation. We may need to compensate for our customer's discontent, to not only strengthen our retention, but to put the good word of our Dealership in other people's mind. Every little thing affects us in the long run.

There are people in the organization who care (I mean, hopefully!), you just need to find the one who stands for the company and will go that extra mile for you. As a consumer you have trusted the company with hundreds-thousands of dollars, be it for a long-term investment or repairs. It is the dealer's responsiblity to assure your satisfaction and safety. Let them know where they are falling short so they may overcome the reputation they have built for you. And if they don't do anything? Maybe it's worth the extra mile to go elsewhere. 

Jared Hamilton

Yikes, its kinda amazing (and a big bummer) that the question even has to be asked.  You would think you could just show up and work with any service advisor. 

Unfortunately, if you dont have confidnece in that, Id call the service manager or GM if there was a concern.

Ron Henson

Hi Sara,

I would suggest calling the GM and expressing that you are concerned by some of the reviews you have read about his dealership.  Then expalin that you would like to be able to write an ultra positive review to help him reverese the effects of the negative ones, but in order to do that, you have to have an experiece that warrants the positive review.  I think you will find that the red carpet may be awaiting you when you arrive.  And if not, well that speaks volumes about the dealership.


Good luck!

sara callahan

Thanks so much for the great advice! I was thinking of contacting management I'll let you know how it goes. 

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