Pre-Loaded Accessories

Ron Henson
What are the pros & cons of pre-loading accessories on inventory?
Clint Jones
Pros are fairly obvious. Cons are doubling up the labor because you have to take the stuff off to sell the truck. Biggest problem with accessories is that the open market has really cool looking stuff that is half the money of the Factory stuff. Your parts department has to be really aggressive when they price this stuff. I can't begin to remember the number of up for the parts, pay up for the tech to hang the stuff, turn around and pay the tech to take it off because the customer wants the truck but not 2500 worth of accessories, and we see the truck all decked out with aftermarket stuff that the customer bought across town.
Dustin Lyons
Why wouldn't you just sell them a different truck that isn't accessorized? It doesn't make sense to take stuff off. We never did that, in fact having the truck accessorized usually made them sell a lot quicker and with bigger grosses.
Lauren Moses
What Clint said! I can't tell you how many times this has happened with us. We usually do a stand polished exhaust tip on every 1/2 ton truck. An occasional tire upgrade and leveling kit. But we have had customers ask to have them removed because they need the price just right. It's nice to for show because looks are the first thing customers see on the vehicle. But if they can't afford said looks then it kinda screws the whole thing.
Clint Jones
@ Dustin Lyons You don't sell them a different truck because of aging, and the fact that many times you don't have duplicates in stock. When you get someone on the hook that will buy the truck that you have in stock, you better do whatever you can to sell it. I know that some people do well with accessories, but it isn't as easy as bolting a bunch of stuff on and watching them go away.
Dustin Lyons
I guess it wasn't a problem we really had to deal with.

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