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Maddy Low

I've found in most service shops I go to, they don't have pricing information for services on their website or in the shop itself. Is there a reason for this for most places? Should prices be listed for service or do you think it's good that they're usually not? 

Chris K Leslie

Ive always been curious about that too and from what i've been told its because the same job on different vehicles could vary a lot in both time needed and parts. I dont know if I fully agree with that since we can use terms like "Starting At" but not sure if thats good enough to not upset customers. 

Jamil "The Carman"

@Maddy it's really sad .Visiting a service shop has been like visiting a dentist without insurance .So many dealers take advantage of customers when it comes to service .Customer walks in of breaks they end up with paying for an engine .It's a great point to discuss and I hope one day dealers will have a clear fair list of prices for customers to know what they getting into before going in.

Mark Rask

Jamil thats a good point

John  Vincent

My two cents: If you want an oil change, we have a special posted on our website for that. Tire rotation? Mount & balance? Alignment? Refer to the posted special no our websites. Simple services like that are universal and are used to uncover up-sell items nd additional revenue generators. Why not post a $990 timing belt? Because Johnny Mechanic down the street will always do it for less but will not be OEM certified or use OEM Parts. Customers do not take this into consideration no matter how much "transparency" you put on your website. It takes a skilled Service Writer properly trained in objection handling to have that face to face interaction, overcome price objections, and then  make the sale for those big ticket items after they are uncovered during their routine maintenance. If you get hit with the $990 timing belt or $450 35k mile Service up front on the website, chances are you are not coming in. $40 full synthetic mobile 1 oil change with free shuttle, wi-fi, etc. etc.? You'll make that trip. Especially for conquest, first time customer business.

Craig Ness

We're a independent. We run a $29.99 oil change with semisynthetic oil. Customers come in and most understand that some cars take other oils or other quantities. This has caused some ripples and I've been thinking of no longer advertising it. Some people don't understand. Just a basic comment. It's about the price.....because YOU make it about the price. Then you wonder why you can't make a profit.

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